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The Law Of Attraction And Money- Croix Sather Instant Manifestation Secrets

Instant Manifestation Secrets Review

I kept hearing about this new manifestation product that is skyrocketing in popularity and people are raving about it, so I had to do a little research and check it out for myself. 

It claims that you can “manifest money, happiness or a soul mate.” I could use more money and I am sure you can too, so I was intrigued to learn more and try it out for myself to see if this was the real deal. And if it works for money, it must also work for vacations, relationships, health, and happiness, right? 

What I found the most surprising …

Here’s what I found after personally trying it out for myself for 30 days. 

Now I’ve seen a lot of these products and frankly, many are not that impressive and not great quality. With Instant Manifestation Secrets by Croix Sather, you immediately see that this is a high quality product. When you log in, it is well designed and easy to navigate. Plus the audios and videos are high quality and professional. 

I was also surprised to see that Croix Sather is a real person and a legitimate expert. He is not just a pen name with a voice over that many programs use, or someone who started teaching law of attraction because it is popular. The first video is Croix himself showing you how to get the most out of the program. What I like about him is that he is authentic, real, and an actual expert. 

Plus, once you log in, you see hundreds and hundreds of testimonials and comments from the thousands of members. That’s always a really positive sign. 

Who is the creator, Croix Sather? 

I wanted to know more about Croix so I did a google search on him. This guy is incredible. He is the author of many books, a professional life transformation speaker and one of the most impressive athletes in the world. This guy ran across America. He also broke the world record running through Death Valley, 146 miles nonstop. This man has some serious mental game that I wanted to learn from. When I listened to his TED talks on youtube, I could tell that his intelligence was as impressive as his athletic feats. Plus he travels around the world exploring different countries and learning mind and spiritual secrets. This dude is for real.  

What is Instant Manifestation Secrets?

Instant Manifestation Secrets is based on the scientific principles of aligning the 3 levels of the mind to manifest anything you want. The three levels are the conscious, sub-conscious, and vibrational mind. I had never heard of the vibrational mind. Here’s how Croix explains it. 

The conscious mind is the awake logical mind.

The sub-conscious mind is the part of the mind that runs in the background and controls our habits, automations and behaviors. 

The Vibrational Mind is the conduit to manifesting anything you want. This is the level of the mind that is virtually ignored by most books and programs. The vibrational mind connects you to the universal law of attraction. But it can also repel what you want if not used the right way. If you are repelling the things you want, it is because you are unintentionally using the vibrational mind the wrong way. 

If the conscious mind is the top of the iceberg, and the SUB-conscious mind is the iceberg below the water, then the water is the Vibrational Mind. 

Croix Says, “The vibrational mind is what bridges you to everything. It is the universal connection and consciousness. This is the particle matter they talk about in quantum physics that we are all made of. Every particle can affect every other particle.”  

How it works …

This is different from every other program out there making it more effective. Instead of just listening to some music or sounds, or a talk on the theory on how to manifest, Croix actually guides you through the course to reprogram and align the three levels of the mind in his audios. It’s like being with him in a one-on-one neuro-3 transformation session. It’s a very specific method that he has developed over many years based on his education, coaching of clients, and his 2 world records as an athlete. He is not just a talking head, he is the real deal with an impressive track record. He teaches from his actual experiences. 

You rewire your mind and emotions about money, relationships, and happiness to attract what you want. If you do not have the things you want, it means you are unintentionally repelling it. Instant Manifestation Secrets helps you eliminate what is blocking you, it gets you clear about what you want, and then aligns you with what you want so that you attract and create the life you have been dreaming about. Croix leads you through these three steps as if you are a high paying 1-on-1 client, but from the comfort of your own home he calls Neuro-3 Transformation session.

How it helps …

This is my favorite part because it helps you with the feelings of overwhelm, being stressed about money, relationships or any other parts of your life that you want to be better. These feels are called resistance. Mental and emotional resistance is what keeps you from manifesting what you want.  

Does it really work?

This is what everybody wants to know. This is why I tested it and wrote this review. 

As proof by the hundreds of authentic testimonials in the membership area, it works for everyone that uses the program. I found the same thing. Money and opportunities started showing up in my life almost immediately. 

This really works at many different levels. Not just for manifesting the things I want, but for eliminating all the things that were blocking me from manifesting and also causes stress and grief in my life. The added benefit of feeling so much less stress and overwhelm allows me to be more focused and productive as an extra gift. I never realized how much the two are connected. 

What’s Included in Instant Manifestation Secrets?

Zero to 60 video
Croix presents a video to get you started fast while explaining how to get the most out of the program and the secrets behind why and how Instant Manifestation Secrets works. He explains that we are only using a small portion of our minds and how this program will help you use your mind like few people in the world can. 

Neuro-3 sessions 

Part 1 – The Power Within Me

“This is what everyone needs, but most don’t even know it yet. How will it feel when you let go of regret, self-sabotage, toxic people, doubt, shame, and the chains of the past that have been holding you back. Many say listening to this track is like lifting off the weight of the world. Plus this track opens up your mind to new possibilities. When you detoxify your mind and the old garbage goes, it leaves a void. We will fill those voids with the foundational beliefs that will turn your mind into a manifestation magnet.” 

Part 2 – My Amazing Life

“This one is so very exciting. Now it is time to design your amazing life. Without a target and being in vibrational alignment with what you want, there is no way to get there. Croix will guide you through level two of Neuro-3 programming to see your dream life in vivid detail. It will be as if you are watching a movie so that you can automatically and effortlessly manifest everything you want into your life. Don’t worry if you are not a visual person, Croix will guide you there.”

Part 3 – My Incredible Transformation

“This is where we put it together and all the magic happens. You will love this Neuro-3 session as you align the 3 levels of your mind, the conscious, SUB-conscious and vibrational mind to become a magnet to anything you want and repel everything you don’t want. Imagine vibrating so high and being so aligned that nothing can slow you down. It will feel like the universe is conspiring to help you succeed.”


I am assuming you will receive the same bonuses as I did, so I am listing what I received. When you click on my link below, look to see if you get the same, or maybe even more. Croix adds things from time to time. 

Bonus #1 – Financial Freedom

Recalibrate your mind for financial success. 

As a child I discovered that there is a difference between people who always struggled with money, living paycheck to paycheck, and wealthy people who had so much money abundance. 

My life began with a meager start. My dad was a tool maker and our family lived on a single income.

Not far away, millionaires lived in their big mansions, driving fancy cars and taking exotic vacations. I ad friends from school that were part pf this exclusive group and was able to ask their parents about how they acquired what they have.

I discovered that wealthy people think different and If you want to be happy and wealthy, you want to be tapped in.”

That was the beginning of my journey to understand the world in a whole different way. Eventually this would become my life passion to understand and share something most people are unaware it’s even possible. 

I would eventually understand this to mean that you are tapped into a wealthy vibrational mindset, or you’re tapped into a paycheck to paycheck vibrational mindset. 

It wasn’t long that my life started to change and I began to instantly manifest amazing things. 

Do you know why wealthy people attract so much wealth while others struggle to pay their bills? 

Wealthy people have a healthy relationship with money. They are vibrationally aligned with having an abundance of money. 

Most people learn unhealthy habits and beliefs about money like, “We may not have money, but at least we have each other.” This is supposed to mean that love is more important than money and of course it is, but it is also subconsciously programming you to repel money because it indirectly says that you cannot have both. 

But in reality, this is not an “or” world. We live in an “and” world where we can have wealth, fancy cars, big homes, dream vacations, and we can also have love, happiness, health, make a difference in the world and live a spiritual life. In fact, this is the way we are supposed to live. We live in a world of abundance. 

When you change your thoughts, beliefs and vibration about money, then and only then will you start to attract an abundance of money and have a happy, loving and amazing life that is congruent through and through. 

One of the people I studied in order to change my thought patterns was Croix Sather.

Croix Sather is an author, speaker, and international expert on the law of attraction and manifestation. He ran across America by tapping into the power of his mind to go from a non-runner to a marathon a day for 100 days, in less than a year. He lives a travel lifestyle globe hopping while working from his laptop in search of the next great adventure and the hidden masters of the mind.  

Watch Croix’s video about Instant Manifestation Secrets here <<<< and learn how you can align your vibrational mind and attract money, happiness and love.