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How I made money online after the real estate crash of 2008

My name is Keith Junor and I live in Florida.

Back in 2009 I lost my Mortgage Business, could not sell homes (no one was buying). and became unemployed.

Earlier while I ran the mortgage company I learned how to create WordPress websites, created youtube videos to attract clients, and did email marketing to existing clients.

All these things helped me create a six figure income selling homes and doing mortgages.

After the real estate market basically died I had to find a way to make a living. I learned to do search engine optimization , which was a way to get websites ranked on the first page of the search engines for products that were being searched for.

Back at that time the techniques I learned helped the websites I created to sell other peoples products as an affiliate, land on page ne for lots of product related keywords.

My first year income was around $94,000.

The following year Google changed their algorithm and in an instant all my websites were no longer visible on any pages of the search engines. That years income dropped to $42,000 and year three to virtually nothing .

The game had changed and I had to change with it.

I learned of other affiliate marketers that were still making six figures online selling products.

What where they doing that I was not?

I tried a lot of other techniques and started promoting products using paid advertising on Google and Bing and made a little money but not what I needed to earn. I was also building websites for small businesses using WordPress.

I realize I need help so I found some free webinars that where created by time of those super affiliates making multiple six figures and used what I learned to increase my income.

I figured then that If the free content learned helped a little then getting training from one of them should help me sell more products.

I decided in one particular guru and bought his training, and wow what a difference in my income it made.

This may not be for you but at least check out the free web class and see if it could be what you need to finally earn a living online instead of working for someone.

Keith Junor