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How to Start a business online selling any product or service…and how to find products to sell.
How Anyone, Of Any Age, Can Make Money Online Doing What 
They Know And Love!
Simple Shortcuts to Make Money Now and Quickly Scale up to a
Full-Time Income

Hi. My name is Keith Junor! I’m so excited to help you start making money from home using my system!

After all, I can’t think of anybetter job in the world.
You are the boss.
And you get to stay in bed on a Monday morning whether you are
currently retired or working at a job you hate.

The internet has opened up a world of opportunities for anyone
regardless of age or training, whether you are tech savvy or not.

Do you know howto press a button to turn on the computer?
Then I can teach you how to create a income producing asset online,
provided they have the determination to follow the steps I am going
to teach you today.

I want you to realize that there’s plenty of space for you to join the
Today, by taking advantage of the internet, you can earn a relatively
fast income by showing others how to get good at something you
already know how to do well, right from the comfort of your own

This awesome “Online Opportunity” is available to you right now, and it can literally change your life and the lives of those you love.

Full time, part time… it’s your call!

What I am referring to is the largest, most profitable way to make
money online, Information Marketing.

IM, as it is known, simply means that others are looking for
information, training, knowledge, that you already have and they are willing to pay you handsomely for it.

And it’s easier than you think.

Before the internet existed, in order for you to find out how to do
something you either had to go to the library and read a book or be
taught in person at school or some training facility.

But now people search for “How To” online, college course are taught online through audio and video.

You can learn yoga, plumbing, hair styling and virtually anything
through the internet. 
Remember that it took you years of studying and connecting with
industry professionals to learn your trade or earn that position, or
years to master a hobby that you love.
Your knowledge could help others shorten the learning curve.

So what’s the solution?

If you follow my lead, you will win. My wish is that as you read this
report, you will see there are real solutions to these roadblocks.

In fact, these roadblocks can be non-existent if you follow exactly
what I did.
As already stated, this can only work if you know where to start and
understand what you have to focus on.

If you remain in a scattered state for too long, you will be hopeless
and give up completely.
So, let’s dive into how you can start earning money
from home as a information and affiliate product marketer.

How things have changed!

The internet opened up possibilities that never existed before and
leveled the playing field.

In essence, it turned the “How To” teaching, hobbying industry

Now there are immediate opportunities for people from all walks of
especially baby boomers with all that knowledge, … all over the world.
And when I say “immediate” opportunities, I mean it.

Some of the most successful information marketers have no formal
experience and have broken into this industry in a big way…not in
years…months or weeks…but some within days.

Armed with a computer, a keyboard, basic writing skills and an unquenchable desire, you can join the countless number of people who are earning a great living while working in the comfort of their homes.

Now you may be asking yourself the following questions about me…

Did I have any formal training?
Did I have a lot of money to invest?
Did I have the perfect environment to work?

The answer to all of those questions is a resounding, NO!

Personally, I’m an internet marketer selling my own and other peoples
products both information and physical products. I probably started with less money, education and resources than you have now. 

I discovered the many opportunities the internet provides for people like you and I and I’ve spent time on this report to share with you the
valuable information that I’ve gathered over the last 5 years.

I’m so excited that I can give you all of my knowledge so you don’t
have to go the way I did on my own.
I know what you’re saying…”This sounds too good to be true.” For some, that might very well be accurate.

Even though the information marketing opportunity is real and accessible, there are many reasons why so many people aren’t making money with it.

So, although you may be excited to get started, I want to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes that others make.


The unfortunate reality is that the internet is full of inaccurate information. Sure, it’s been great for the people who don’t abuse it. And it’s been a huge advantage for those who can rummage through a lot of sites that are nothing but “garbage” and discern which ones are real.

But for most of us, it’s difficult to know whichinformation and money making opportunities are true and which ones aren’t.

For every opportunity site that can offer valuable information, there are just as many others that are misleading and in many cases, total scams.

This unfortunate reality has left many baby boomers scratching their heads, wondering what to do next, and whether earning money online is even possible.

Because of this, they give up on their dreams, and go back to the old way of life that they were desperately trying to escape.

After a while, you begin to suffer from “information overload.” So much is coming at you from all sides and everyone is claiming that they are the writing guru.

Whom should you believe?

Most of you will spend hours, days and even weeks trying to decipher what they are digesting. Before long they discover they are no further along than they were, and find themselves back at the beginning.

The frustration becomes overwhelming and even though you have incredible potential most of us end up doing nothing!

It can be hard. Many people in Any age group ( I am 57) with whom I’ve spoken don’t know where to start, and because of that, they end up floundering or falling for bogus ads and half truths like “just push this button and you can make six figures per year”.

There is no push button way to make money online (believe me , if there was I would have found it by now) but what I am about to teach you is simple but not easy.

You have to know how to start, make your first dollar and then scale up to a full time income.

First stop. Do you need a website?

The answer is yes and no. Yes you need to have a presence online but no it does not need to be a full fledged or complicated website.

In fact the website I am going to teach you how to build will take less than 60 minutes to setup and the search engines (like Google) love this type of site.

It is known as a WordPress Blog Website and other than the domain name (your .com) and hosting (so it can be found online) it is basically FREE.

What is Wordpress and why is it so easy to setup?

WordPress is a non technical website builder that was originally created for blogging (blogging is basically an online diary that is shared with others for comments and opinions) but has since become the best platform for creating any type of website from a simple 1 pager to a membership site to an ecommerce site simply by adding little pieces of softwar called plugins (or apps like on your smartphone).

It is easy to setup because you do not need to know and computer language (like html) and the basic site can be installed on your hosting account with a couple of clicks.

Click here to watch a complete video training on building a WordPress website.

The type of wordpress site you need starts with a simple 1-2 page site called a landing page or optin page.

An opt-in page:ž

:collects names and emails of potential buyers of your information or affiliate product so if they do not buy now you can stay in touch by email until they are ready to buy.

ž :promotes a free report on your area of expertise.

What is a Free Report?

ž Gives a sample of your knowledge that is actionable, gives instant benefits The free report can be an FAQ, a how to, a top 10 list, a white paper etc.

It can be a video, audio or written. It can be chapter from you training and can solve a problem.

How do I get people to this optin page?

There are many ways to get interested people to see what you have to offer such as:

A.) Facebook.com Facebook Ads are a inexpensive way to find people that are interested in the information you have to offer. You can advertise directly to those most likely to be interested in what you have in your head based on all types of criteria such as age, sex, likes, shopping habits and so much more.

Learning the best way to advertise on Facebook has a learning curve but learning more and doing it the proper way will decrease the cost of the ads significantly, so even though Facebook has some training I highly recommend you get more training in this area.

It is not in Facebooks interest for you to know how to reduce ad costs but you can learn this from those who have figured it out and will teach you very inexpensively (remember this is what you are going to be doing with your knowledge).

Where can I learn the best way to advertise on Facebook?

I cannot provide a full Facebook Ads training in this repaort but there are inexpensive sources of this training by people just like you that figured it out and wrote an information product that you can follow. Here is one->Facebook Ads Training

So now you have a way to get cheap targeted traffic to your optin page to giveaway your free report.

Social Media:

Once you learn Facebook ads you can also make a great living handling Facebook and other Social media site advertising for others.

If this interests you click here–>>Get paid for doing social media marketing

Ok So How Do I Create This “Free Report” And How Does This Make Me Money?

The free report can be a 1 page list or a 10 page book.

The free report gets omeone to give you their email address, they get to read your great FREE content, they feel like they know you and when you follow up with other emails with some great content they start to like and trust you.

Now you can start making recommendations to paid products that they may benefit from.

These products can either be yours or you can sell as an affiliate. In other words you are promoting someone elses product that helps your reader solve a related problem.

You get paid a commission if they buy through your link (the way you get them to see the sales page of the product).

There are many affiliate products but I will break it down to 2 types. Info products are sold on sites like clickbank.com and physical products at commission junction (cj.com) or you can search in google using “(niche name) affiliate programs” to find hundreds of other affiliate products related to your niche.

We will stick to info products on clickbank.com. Just go to the Marketplace and then click on your niche in the red box on the left to find products to promote.

Whats Next?

After you have chosen a product to promote you then simply include a recommendation for it in your follow up emails to the free report subscribers and some of them will check it out and buy it.

You then continue to give good content to your subscribers, continue to increase your subscribers and every couple of days or so promote the same or additional products to them.

How To Make the Big Money?

Now comes the great news! Once you have made sales of the clickbank product it is time to go to the scaling up step. Since you have proven that the product sells the obvious answer then is why not replace it with your own product?

Create or pay someone to create a similar product and then A) switch to selling your own version B) list it to sell on clickbank and they will get you affiliates to sell it just like you did,

Imagine how many more sales you can get if 10, 20, 50 affiliates like you are now promoting your product?

Now please remember DO NOT COPY the product as this is plagiarism and will only get you into deep trouble, law suits and a bad name. Simply model what is working into your own words, graphics etc. that conveys the teachings of the product.
Here is a training course that will help you create a money making info product fast.

Oh, You Want Even Bigger Profits?

Create additional products that solve problems your subscribers are having by sending them surveys to see what they would like to learn or solutions to problems they are having.

Use a free product like surveymonkey.com to create the survey and record the responses. Then choose the winning issue, create the solution and sell them what they have asked you for!

In addition to this you can now create a multi step sales funnel promoting all your products to the people that request your free repaort as they should be very similar to the others on your list. Here is an example of a multi step sales funnel:

A sales funnel is the way to income that was previously unnattainable to you!

Looks difficult so how do you expect me to create this thing without tech skills or hiring a programmer and spending thousands? 

sales funnel

If I told you that a proper sales funnel could take your income to 5 figures a month or more would it be worth the cost?

Well guess what, with some amazing improvements in softwar recently you no onger have to spend tjousans or need any tech skills to creat a 6 figure per month sales funnel.

Millionaire internet marketer Russel Brunson has created a drag and drop sales funnel creator that will do what used to cost 5-10k in programming, graphics and other geeky stuff down to less than $199.00 per month to replicate.

Rather than me showing you it here I have arranged a 2 week FREE trial so you can see for wourself , test it out and maybe even make some money with it.

Click Here For Your 2 Week Free Trial Of Clickfunnels!

ž A Quick Overview of the Benefits of using Clickfunnels

It’s super easy to use

The only system to give you a full sales funnel overview together with an outstanding page designer:

You can create professional looking opt-in pages.

You can create an unlimited number of sales funnels, webinars, membership sites, landing and sales pages.

You can do split testing easily without external tools. Tracking conversion throughout your entire sales funnel has never been easier

You pages look awesome on tablets and smartphones with full responsive design.

Control your brand 100% – from domain to the emails being sent.

Fantastic training and support.

One of the highest-converted sites on Clickbank right now is a weight-loss product called The Venus Factor.

And, at the time of this writing The Venus Factor is likely making $100k daily. Surprised?
I was too.
But that’s what’s possible when you have a money-making sales funnel.

You make money.

If you have a health offer right now, you could model The Venus Factor.

You won’t make $100k a day, but you are likely to get a % of that because you will be

implementing what works.

Not what you think works.

In order to get people to buy your stuff, you need a funnel.
A funnel is a systematized approach to lead a prospect to a customer.

They also do more: funnel bring something that can double, triple, or even quadruple your sales.

Upsells Make You More Money

Upsells, also known as one-time offers (OTOs), allow your customers add products to their cart prior to completing their order.

You’ve probably seen upsells if you’ve shopped on Amazon.

The beauty of upsells is you can sell more stuff to people who have already expressed an interest in your offer.

It is much easier to sell new floor mats to someone buying a new car, than to someone who is not.

This is marketing 101; the more targeted your customer, the better your conversions. How To ‘Funnel Hack’ Your Competitors
Hacking your competitors is easy.
All you have to do, is model what is already working.

In order to do this, becoming a customer of your competitors is what Russell recommends.

This means: taking out your wallet, using your credit card, and buying your competitor’s products.

Why is this a good thing to do?

Because instead of figuring out how to convert on your own, you can piggyback on the research of the people who have already blazed the trail for you.

Companies like Agora that generate $1B a year publishing info, for example.

So how to do this… how do you find what funnels are converting well?
And how do you know which ones are making lots of money?
Go back to clickbank.com as it is full of High-Converting Funnels.

Why Clickbank.com again?

Clickbank is the “Amazon of digital products.”

Even though Clickbank sells physical products, a majority of their products are ebooks, courses, etc.

If you don’t have a Clickbank account, you can get a Clickbank account for free here.

Finding offers that convert on Clickbank is done by simply searching for the subject on the marketplace.

While there is no way to find out a company’s numbers for sure, most of the most popular products (the ones on the first page of results) are making at least 4-figures a month on the low end.

On the high-end, 5-7 figures every 30 days.

Do This Once You Have Your Offer

Once you’ve found a popular product in your niche, it’s time to create your funnel.

Using Clickfunnels, of course.

With Clickfunnels, you can drag and drop the elements of your funnel without being a designer or coding expert.

The system is simple.
Another benefit of Clickfunnels is you can split-test your pages.

Split-testing is a way to test the conversation rates on your pages, so you know what versions convert best.

For example, will your sales page convert better with or without a video? Split-testing is how you find out.
Once you have your funnel ready, it’s time to generate massive traffic.

And exactly how do I generate massive traffic on a budget?Here’s the secret to getting traffic for the funnel you hack. Research the original funnel to see where they get traffic.


With Similarweb: a site for researching website traffic.
The site does cost money, but they provide good-enough results for free.
Using the site’s free version will give you enough info to figure out where your competitor gets traffic.
Once you know what sites the funnel runs ads on you can just visit the site and see the ads.
Now you can see the: design of the site, salespage copywriting, optin or
landing page.

It’s all there and its free.

Some of the sales funnels on clickbank earn over $100,000 per day and its because of the ad copy , graphics but mostly the saes funnels.

Now that you know how to create a working sales funnel by modeling what works you can now go and create one using clickfunnels.

Even if you never make $100k per day, just 1% of that is $1000.00 per day, and I think you could survive with that.

Learn more about clickfunnels–>>Learn More Here

The Internet has radically lowered the barriers for creating a business that can be run anywhere in the world for just about everyone!

In the past, starting a business usually required a lot of money and time. You had to invest and take huge financial risks in order to get off the ground.

If you weren’t born into a family with pile of cash lying around, chances were that you had to go looking for an investor or sell your soul (and deed to your home) to the bank in order to secure the financial means to start up.

Because you needed other people’s money, this would require you to write elaborate business plans that detailed everything about the business you wanted to start.

This also made it really hard for someone without a good education to get anywhere as an entrepreneur because you had to know how to write for investors and banks.

It wasn’t enough to simply have a passion for cocktail dresses or South American parrots.

Now, with the Internet, this has totally changed! You can now build online assets in weeks instead of years.

You can start selling without money to invest in stock or a physical store, and you can do this from a beach chair in Southeast Asia or from your home office with one of your kids on your lap.

This is a game changer!

Regardless of your age, ability or education YOU, yes You can make money on the internet.
But you have to take action and follow the steps.
Mindset is very important. I know people that had the same information and training as me and have not made any money online. Why?

A) They did not truly believe it was possible to do (they listened to all the reasons they couldn’t do it and I made it a must do!

B) They tried to do it there way instead of the way that worked

C) they fell for all the push button systems telling them they could make money without work

D) They gave up just before they found their acre of diamonds.

Either way, your dream of working from home, being your own boss, earning what you truly deserve, and living a laptop lifestyle, is closer than you thought.

I wish you all the success in the world,

K Junor