Goal Achievement System

My name is Keith Junor and I live in Florida.

Back in 2009 I lost my Mortgage Business, could not sell homes (no one was buying). and became unemployed.

Earlier while I ran the mortgage company I learned how to create WordPress websites, created youtube videos to attract clients, and did email marketing to existing clients. All these things helped me create a six figure income selling homes and doing mortgages.

After the real estate market basically died I had to find a way to make a living. I learned to do search engine optimization , which was a way to get websites ranked on the first page of the search engines for products that were being searched for.

Back at that time the techniques I learned helped the websites I created to sell other peoples products as an affiliate, land on page one for lots of product related keywords.

My first year income was around $94,000.

The following year Google changed their algorithm and in an instant all my websites were no longer visible on any pages of the search engines. That years income dropped to $42,000 and year three to virtually nothing . The game had changed and I had to change with it.

During my real estate career I had been to many self improvement trainings, read many self help books on the topic and about goal setting.

I Went to many Tony Robbins seminars, learned to meditate, learned how to change my subconscious negative thoughts and so much more.

It was when I looked back on my successes and failures I realized that when I followed certain practices I succeeded and when I didn’t, well I failed or just didn’t do nearly as well.

One of the most important practices was goal setting and planning. This required writing out my goals in a certain way (helps you to crystallize exactly what you want firmly in your mind.

Then I always let someone know what I was planning to accomplish (usually my wife) to give me incentive and accountability.

But the most important part was to create a step by step plan to achieve that goal by reverse engineering it from the goal to the steps to what info needed, did I need any mentors (might just be gathering knowledge from books or recordings or an actually trainer, if marketing a product preparing ways to counter objections, did I need a partner and if so what qualities did they need to have and how’s I going to get them on my team?

Well after putting together the tools to accomplish all this I decided to offer it to others so they could get results to achieve their goals.

You can learn more about these tools ——>>>> here